Thursday, January 10, 2008

My Book Is Going to Be Reviewed!

Well, that is what any book author wants, assuming the book review is good. But that's the exciting AND scary thing about it. The opportunity to have a book reviewed in the national press can make -- or break -- an author's reputation. Ann, in her comment to my "Embrace the Present, Embrace Possibility" blog, said it best when she said "Change can be good or bad." And we can't control that and frequently we have no idea in advance what the true impact of the change will be. Sometimes it's both good and bad at the same time.

For example, I lived through a devastating earthquake in Santa Cruz, CA in 1989. My house was rocked partially off its foundation, my now ex-husband's business literally slid down a hill and never recovered, the framed pictures I was busy getting ready for a show fell and smashed to bits. Our downtown area was mostly rubble and took years to recover (one or two holes still haven't been filled in). But to say the change this created was "bad" would be both an understatement AND a mistatement at the same time.

Today, nineteen years later, I can truthfully say that in many ways the downtown has never been better. It's robust and thriving in a way that wasn't possible before. My own life was forced into directions I NEVER would have even contemplated and one thing led to the next and I'm doing things much more valuable and interesting than what I could do before.

So now I've embarked on the journey of being a book author again -- this is my third time -- and I only just got started publicizing it this week and the response from the very small effort I've made thus far has been immediate. I don't know about book sales yet but people have written to me and are checking out this blog, asking to review it for their publications.... all right then. Let's see what happens next.

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