Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Get "The Spiritual Journey of Family Caregiving" as an E-Book download

Times are changing and they're changing fast! A few short years ago e-books were a ridiculous notion. Then they became popular and people were encouraged to keep the price of an e-book close to the price of print books so as not to hurt print book sales. Well, not so fast. What's the point of offering an e-book if not to promote the ideas they have to offer at a doable price for people who won't spend the cover price of a brand new book, especially the price of one done on a print-on-demand basis?

So I'm making my book available as an e-book download for just $4.99. What? Will she make any money at that price? I hope so! Especially if you tell your friends. Here's the link to my shop at Healing Communication Press. I hope to have it available for the Kindle as soon as I can, too and other venues as well. Watch this blog for updates.