Monday, January 14, 2008

I Got My First Book!

I bet you thought I already had seen my book. Nope. I was just so excited that the book was now available that I got working on how to let people know about it right away. The rest of us call it "jumping the gun" but the book industry calls it "preselling". It's the same thing movie producers do when they put a trailer for a movie they aren't even finished with yet out in movie theaters months ahead. They get you all excited about a new movie only to put a line at the end of the preview that says "Coming in March."

I was actually a little worried about "jumping the gun" but I got my first copy of the book in the mail this weekend and I had nothing to worry about. It looks great! I'll be adding a page of endorsements of my work to the front (I forgot that) and I'm making some insignificant adjustments nobody but a perfectionistic old graphic designer would EVER even notice. (I used to make my living that way.) Then I can hit the "okay" button and make my book available to and other online distribution services. It's already available to all of you though, buying it directly from the printer, the same way I did, through my association with

I'm so glad it came out good. I didn't know if a print-on-demand service would be good enough but it looks every bit as professional as books printed any other way. I used to work as the acting art director for a book publisher (Crossing Press) so I know. Now it's off to get some other things done. I'll put more up later this week.

You can buy The Spiritual Journey of Family Caregiving either as a print-on-demand book or as an e-book download by clicking here now.

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